Africans In Guangzhou Face Special Scrutiny Amid Coronavirus-Fueled Xenophobia


So far in Guangzhou’s Yuexiu District, there have been just 16 confirmed cases of foreigners from African countries with COVID-19. But for the black community there, what’s more terrifying than the virus itself is the rising tide of discrimination driven by both coronavirus-fueled xenophobia and deep-rooted prejudice against black people in China.

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I asked Tanzanians about studying in China: here’s what they said

By Hezron Makundi | THE CONVERSATION

Over the past three decades, China has turned into a major study-abroad hotspot for thousands of African students. In 2018 it hosted over 60,000 African students, making it the second most popular destination for African students abroad, after France. It is even ahead of the US and UK. This trend can, in part, be explained by China’s growing provision of scholarships and also by the Chinese government’s human resource and education capacity building schemes, such as the African talents programme, which target the continent.

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Nigerian Migrants in China: Changing the Narrative

This report looks past newspaper headlines of illegal migration and drug trafficking to investigate the fascinating and elaborate community structures developed by Nigerians living in Guangzhou, China.


The Nigerian community in China is diverse and complex. Outside the gaze of Western media, much remains unknown about these people who have made China their home and the contribution they make to Nigeria’s development and Sino- Nigerian relations.

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COVID 19: Nigerians in China donate hand sanitizers to Nigerian Government

By Victor Ajihromanus | VANGUARD

Some Nigerian organisations in China have donated cartons of hand sanitizers to the Nigerian Government in support of efforts to curtail the spread of Coronavirus disease. The organisations include Nigerian students resident in Wuhan,  Nigerian Patriots China, and Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) China.

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There are more African students than ever in China. Why are they still alienated?

By Study International Staff 

In 2018, the number of African students pursuing higher education in China reached an all-time high – 16 percent of all international students in the country came from Africa. There were 81,562 African students in China in 2018, compared to less than 2,000 in 2003.

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By CARLOTTA DOTTO | New Internationalist

Guangzhou is home to Asia’s largest African migrant population, who come to China chasing business opportunities, reputable universities and low living costs.

‘China represents not only the land of our dreams, but an opportunity for all Africa,’ says Jojo, a 33-year-old Ghanaian who left his family and friends in search of fortune.

He recalls that, at the beginning, it was not easy. ‘There is no real employment in the country. You have to be creative and employ yourself.’ After almost four years, Jojo has managed to become a trade representative, mediating business deals between Chinese and Africans, a fashion designer, designing and manufacturing clothes that he sells in both countries, and the owner of an ultra-modern African restaurant in the heart of Guangzhou, together with his Chinese wife.

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The Evolution of Afro-Chinese Identity

Identity Interracial relationships between Africans and Chinese are changing how Chinese identity is defined for their children.

By Layne Vandenberg | THE DIPLOMAT

The growing Chinese diaspora has resulted in mixed ethnicity Chinese growing up and living abroad across the world. China’s global reach, however, has not only led to Chinese moving abroad, but foreigners moving to China. Chinese immigration and investment in Africa is one such example, resulting in both a growing Chinese diaspora in Africa and a greater presence of Africans in mainland China. Like other effects of African immigration, the reality of a growing mixed ethnicity Afro-Chinese population in China is still largely undercovered. 

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